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Procedure - Garlic Use as Medicine to Cure Infections

Infections - Garlic Use as Medicine to Cure Infections.

Garlic is a very strong anti-bacterial (like an antibiotic) and also anti-viral. But you have to take it in medicinal doses. No germs are immune to garlic versus most of the cillin's which are almost useless today against bacteria and do nothing against viruses.

You must use fresh not heated garlic (like garlic bought pre skinned in bottles) for this use!! Buy fresh, cut and peal yourself. Do not place in Microwave for 30 seconds to make it easy to slide skin cover off. Heat destroys much of the antibiotic and anti-viral effects of garlic. Pre skinned garlic still has the other healthy benefits derived from its chemicals but the powerful infection fighting enzymes are killed by the heat.

The medicinal dose for garlic is a minimum of 3 medium size fresh garlic cloves at a time three times a day. I have eaten an entire garlic bulb a day - that is probably 15 cloves equivalent for larger or immediate needs. You press a large amount into a bowl. Then take a bite of a banana, chew a little, spoon add garlic to your mouth from the bowl, chew a little more and swallow banana and garlic mix. Then chase it with apple cider or juice - not water. The juice versus water will cut the garlic burn better than water that lets the garlic oil burn stay in the mouth longer.

Do this 2-3 times a day until you have consumed almost an entire garlic bulb in a day. If you do not have a banana you can substitute potato salad or macaroni salad. Use something starchy to mix with the raw garlic. Eating that much raw garlic by itself will burn your mouth and possibly irritate the stomach. The starchy foods will help reduce garlic farts and other garlic smells because it will be absorbed better (This is new John Bell theory). The starchy material is used to absorb, bind, and carry the powerful garlic oil more safely through your system.

It is best if you do this routine for 5 or more days - 10 days is best for strong conditions like bronchitis or pneumonia. Also works for flu and common colds. A person will usually feel much better in 2-3 days but should keep on it longer just like you would with a penicillin dose.

Garlic has been the medicine of choice for thousands of years to kill infections. The Hebrew slaves even went on strike to stop building the Egyptians temples when they took their garlic away. It has been used in all of the major wars throughout history by the doctors and others. It was only stopped being used by modern westerns and replaced with second rate antibiotics with many side effects and now germs are immune to them but not garlic. In WW2 the Russians used tons and tons of garlic. It is one of the true super foods/medicines of all times. For medicinal use, you cannot, heat it or take it in pill form. The pills are worthless as serious infection fighting medicine.

During this infection fighting procedure using garlic, you will also get the many other benefits of garlic like reduced cholesterol, reduced blood pressure, detoxification, lower insulin levels, antioxidant, and more.

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