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Glycemic Index Guide

Glycemic Index of Drinks/Beverages (8-12 glasses a day)

Table of Glycemic Values for Drinks/Beverages

(Based on white bread = 100, sucrose, table sugar = 92, fructose sugar = 32)

People with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, trying to lose weight, or trying to correct other ailments should eat only very low, low, and medium glycemic index category foods.

Glycemic Index Category


< 20   Very Low

  • Nil – water,   steam distilled, the only pure and clean water
  • Nil – water,   bottled
  • Nil – water,   tap
  • Nil – herbal   tea
  • Nil – green   tea, not much caffeine
  • Nil – black tea   and other caffeinated teas
  • Nil – soda pop,   diet
  • Nil – coffee,   decaffeinated
  • Nil – coffee,   caffeinated

21-40 Low

  • Crystal light   mixed drinks

41-60   Medium

  • 39-47 milk,   whole to skim
  • 54 – cranberry   juice, 100% natural, no sugar added
  • 58 – apple   juice, 100% natural, no sugar added
  • very dry red or   white wines

61-80   Medium High

  • 69 – grapefruit   juice, 100% natural, no sugar added
  • 74 – orange   juice, 100% natural, no sugar added
  • 76 – grape   juice, 100% natural, no sugar added
  • light beers,   semi-sweet wines

81-105   High

  • 90-100 soda   pop, sugared
  • 90-100 juices,   sugared or sweetened
  • 90-100 sugared   drinks like kool-aid, lemonade
  • full beers,   sweet wines, hard liquors
  • gatorade,   powerade

> 106   Very High

  • 120-135 glucose   sports drinks

General Guidelines for Glycemic Categorization and Consumption of Drinks/Beverages

1. Please do not over consume caffeine or alcohol. Limit alcohol and caffeine drinks to not more than 1-2 per day. If you are eating an adequate protein, low glycemic diet, you should be more alert at all times and need less caffeine.

2. Often tap water has contaminants in it and even some bottled water is far from pure. You may want to add filters onto your house water supply. Some mineral water, well water, and hard tap water is a good source of calcium and other minerals.



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