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Glycemic Index Guide


Fast Food Restaurants and Eating Out

Meat Cooking Techniques (preferred at top)

1. Boiled

2. Broasted

3. Broiled

4. Fried

5. Deep Fried


1. Do select a good size piece of meat.

2. Do try to get some vegetables (Vegetables are mostly nonexistent at fast food places.)

3. Do eat a salad with plenty of meat and cheese. Use vinegar and oil, Blue Cheese, Italian dressing, Ranch or no dressing at all.

4. Do drink water, unsweetened ice tea, or diet colas.

5. Do eat slowly.


1. Don’t add extra salt to anything.

2. Don’t eat any French fries.

3. Don’t eat much bread or potatoes.

4. Don’t eat breaded meats or take bread off.

5. Don’t have any sugared drinks.

6. Don’t eat at a place that cannot give you substantial protein without having to throw most of everything else away.

7. Don’t eat desserts or ice cream.

Burger Joints (McDonalds, Hardees, Burger King, Wendy’s)

1. Select a large meat sandwich and take the top of the bun off.

2. Try to stay away from breaded meats.

3. Salads are OK. Try to get one with the most meat and cheese. Use low carbohydrate dressings, like blue cheese, ranch, or Italian.

4. Skip all soups, except chili.

5. Drink water, unsweetened ice tea, or diet soda.

6. Absolutely no French fries, desserts, ice cream.

Mexican (Taco Bell, Taco John’s, etc)

1. Try to not eat any of the corn tortillas (burrito shells), taco shells, or corn chips.

2. Refried beans (with cheese) by themselves are OK.

3. The steak fajitas or steak pita sandwiches may be OK in a pinch, but don’t eat much of the shell.

4. Taco salad may be OK if you do not eat the corn chips. Eat just the salad, meat, and cheese parts.


1. Skip most Chinese food unless you can find a low salt, low sugar, high meat and vegetable selection.
2. The rice is all high salt, high glycemic bad for you.

3. Wanton soup may be OK
4. Watch out for MSG. Ask about it. Make sure their food is MSG FREE!! It is dangerous medically and will shoot the glycemic index way up and you may get the shakes if you are reactive to “taking a speed effect like drug”.

Sub Shops (Cousins, etc.)

1. Chili soup is ok, skip all other soups.

2. High meat sandwiches. Order double meat and cheese and leave half of the bread on your plate.

Pizza Places (Pizza Hut, Dominos, etc)

1. Lettuce, fruit, vegetable salads.

2. Chicken wings.

3. Eat your pizza like a small child. Eat several bites with bread. Then pull the topping off and eat it without the bread. Never eat much crust.

Steak Places (Ponderosa, Sizzler, etc.)

1. Easy to find a good piece of meat at these places. You usually get beef or some seafood. Select your favorite and do not order it well done. Well done destroys nutrients.

2. Nice salad bars. Pick up the vegetables, some fruits, lettuce, chicken.

3. Skip all macaroni or potato based salads.

4. Skip all of the breads and desserts.

5. Skip the baked potato or just eat a very small portion of it.

Italian Food

1. Spaghetti and meatballs. Of course any good Italian food place would not boil the noodles too long.

2. Skip the bread and reduce the tomato sauce on noodles. Alfredo sauce is better.
3. Lots of meat and vegetables on the noodles if possible.

















































































































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