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Glycemic Index Guide


Glycemic Index of Sandwich Fixings (servings are counted in one of the main categories)

Table of Glycemic Values for Sandwich Fixings

(Based on white bread = 100, sucrose, table sugar = 92, fructose sugar = 32)

People with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, trying to lose weight, or trying to correct other ailments should eat only very low, low, and medium glycemic index category foods.

Glycemic Index Category


This food group is composed   of jams, jellies, peanut butter, sandwich meats, and other typical sandwich   makings. We are a sandwich society so   this category is important. Most   sandwiches that we eat are high glycemic, but careful choices below can yield   an acceptable sandwich for most people.

< 20   Very Low

  • Nil – red meat   like beef, pork, veal, lamb, venison, etc.
  • Nil – poultry   and fowl like turkey, chicken, pheasant, quail, and other birds.
  • Nil – fish and   shellfish like cod, salmon, haddock, oysters, clams, lobster, etc.
  • Nil- eggs, all   kinds
  • 10-15 – beef   patties or other ground meats with some carbohydrate (bread) type fillers.
  • 12-18 – nut   butters like almond butter, no salt is lower than salted nut butters.
  • 20 – peanut   butter made with only peanuts and a little salt. This is the kind that separates.
  • 15-25 tofu and   other soy meats
  • 15-25 cheese   slices like American Cheese, etc.

21-40 Low

  • 20 – Miracle   Whip and Mayonnaise
  • 30 – Skippy   super chunky peanut butter or similar brands (These contain much trans-fatty   acids - partially hydrogenated oils. Try to avoid.)
  • 35 – Skippy   creamy peanut butter
  • 25-40 – hot   dogs, sausages, brats, balogna, sandwich meats and other processed meats with   added salt and sweeteners

41-60   Medium

  • 45-55 jams and   jellies, fructose sweetened, berry flavors
  • 50-60 jams and   jellies, 100% fruit, berry flavors

61-80   Medium High

  • 60-70 bread,   real whole kernel with flax and oats added, using fructose sugar
  • 60-70 jams and   jellies, fructose sweetened, non-berry flavors
  • 65-75 jams and   jellies, 100% fruit, non-berry flavors
  • 66 – rye bread,   true whole kernel rye flour, not with any wheat flour (most rye bread made   with enriched wheat flour)
  • 71 – true   pumpernickel bread, rye base, not with any wheat flour
  • 75-85 bread,   real whole kernel or 100% stone ground wheat, using fructose sugar lowers

81-105   High

  • 80-90 jams and   jellies, typical commercial sweetened, berry flavors
  • 85-95 jams and   jellies, typical commercial sweetened, non-berry flavors
  • 83-100 honey,   typical varieties
  • 87-92 hamburger   and hot dog buns, using typical flour
  • 96 – croissant
  • 95-105 typical   white and wheat breads made with enriched wheat flour

> 106   Very High

  • 100-120 bagels,   typical varieties

General Guidelines for Glycemic Categorization and Consumption of Sandwich Fixings

1. The most important factor in lowering the GI, glycemic index, of a sandwich is to really pile on the protein sources like meat, cheese and nuts or nut spreads and use less bread. More meat…less bread. Nut spreads are great. For bread use only real whole grain/kernel breads, preferably ones made with fructose sugar and have omega-3 flax and maybe oats added.



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