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Glycemic Index Guide


Bad Food Ingredients

You must minimize your consumption of these food ingredients. They are all very high glycemic or really bad for other reasons. These items are very common ingredients in much of the typical food we eat (or used to eat). Get used to reading the package labels and try to avoid these.


1. Maltodextrin

2. Maltose

3. Glucose

4. Dextrose

5. Corn syrup

6. Sucrose (table sugar) usually listed as sugar on the ingredients list

7. High fructose corn syrup

8. Partially hydrogenated vegetable oils of all kinds (common in margarine, shortening, regular peanut butters, and many items that are creamy and spreadable at room temperature)

9. Hydrogenated vegetable oils of all kinds

10. Enriched flours and enriched macaroni products. Avoid anything that has the word “ENRICHED” on the package. That means they stripped all of the good parts out of the grain and later added a few token vitamins back into the now very high glycemic grain.



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