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BERC (Bio-Energy Resonance Compatibility) Energy Safety Rating System.

(A must read article to help explain why certain seemly good foods, drugs, and supplements may not work for you.)

What is the BERC Energy Safety Rating System?

BERC (Bio-Energy Resonance Compatibility) is a newly devised system created by John Bell to hopefully simplify determining what kinds of products work better for the body. BERC is based on the fields of energy medicine and energy health. All humans produce energy fields that flow throughout the entire body and affect all parts of the body. Organs in the body also have their own energy resonant fields. Many nutritionists and supplement and drug manufacturers understand the chemical nutrients in food, supplements, and drugs. But that is only half of the story on what makes an item work for the body. If items are incompatible energy wise, they will stress the body and will not work as well for you no matter how good you think the chemical nutrients are for the item. You must consider the energy compatibility of items to get the full story and determine if an item will work well for you.

 Practitioners involved in applied kinesiology or muscular testing use this very principal to determine if products are good for you or not. During their testing they will have you hold an item or items or hold a probe which is electrically connected to the item(s) they are testing on you. If an item(s) is not compatible with your body, your muscle test (arm strength, hand strength, or other techniques) will weaken. You cannot defeat this action mentally. It just happens automatically. The electrical field of the item(s) you are testing interacts with the electrical field(s) of your body and makes you stronger or weaker based on the compatibilities of the tested item(s) and your body.

This all seems like a mystical practice. But those who have gone through it can see for themselves how their body strength is affected by bad items. There are a few machines out there that can measure the life force energy of a body. But these techniques are not yet tested to try to give more quantitative numbers to the tests. So it remains more a matter of empirical evidence on how you test on strong items versus how you test on weak items. Testing using a life force energy testing machine will proceed in the next couple years.

To keep people from having to always run to their muscle testing people, a technique was developed for self testing. Also many people were tested on the same items and it was found that all people tested similar in many ways. For example all very strong items tested strong for all people. The weaker items tested weaker on all people, but the amount of weakness caused by the item was determined by the sensitivity of the person. Highly sensitive people would test weaker on an item than very clean people. But all people tested lower on most of the same items. Just the quantity or reaction varied based on the sensitivity or overall energy field strength of the individual person.

There is one other exception to the similarity of electrical field patterns and reactions. Some people may have overused or over consumed some products so they may be more reactive to those particular items. For example, if a person eats a lot of sugar every day, they may test weaker on sugar than a similarly sensitive person who eats much less sugar. Or two people with similar overall sensitivities and energy strengths may differ on wheat testing if one person consumes a lot of refined wheat every day and the other person does not eat much wheat. They will both test lower on wheat, but the over-consumer of wheat will test the lowest.

So after testing and comparing many people, it looked like they all had similar energy engines and similar energy field reactions to the same products. Just their personal cleanliness of their body or product overuses made negative reactions stronger or weaker. This looks like a genetics thing. We evolved over many thousands of years from the same basic or similar gene structures. People with similar genetic structures (all of us) then developed similar energy field engines. Blood type or ethnic background seemed to make little difference in the overall energy engine signatures. These may make minor differences but we are much more similar than different from the energy engine perspective. This also explains why all items in the Paleolithic diet test high for almost all people. That is what our genetics and our energy field(s) were made to handle. Modern items (the last 10,000 years) often do not test well because they do not match our genetically developed energy fields. There are some modern items that do test well but many do not.

Hundreds of items were tested to give them a relative energy field compatibility rating for humans in general. The BERC concept of energy interaction with the body extends to anything that is placed into your body or placed on your body or is in the environments around your body. They all affect the body’s energy field strength. More on these in other articles.

Clothing can affect your energy field and energy health. Also the environment around you can affect your body’s energy field strength and health. So a person needs to optimize all of these areas to maximize their overall energy health and wellness.

Acupuncturists also work to improve your energy field strength, energy flow and reducing energy flow blockages. Light therapies also can remove energy blockages. All of the energy medicine fields can work together to increase your overall energy strength and wellness. This will result in greatly improved health for many people.  

How to Interpret the BERC Energy Safety Rating Numbers?

BERC Energy Safety (Bio-Energy Resonance Compatibility) Rating

All items are rated on a scale of 1-10 with 10 be the highest and safest BERC rating. Energy medicine fields say that items react in the body based on their energy signatures. Incompatibilities cause stress to the body and cause the item to not work for you. Some possible energy stress indications are the following:

  • Slight muscle weakness or muscles feel heavy. Should feel light and crisp.
  • Tingling sensation throughout the body or parts of the body. Many do not notice this because their bodies are tingling all the time from low BERC items.
  • Skin flushing soon after ingesting the food, drug, or supplement.
  • Heart rate accelerates.
  • Energy low. Feel “blah or flat” not sharp, crisp and bouncy.
  • Digestive stress - gas, diarrhea, constipation, nausea.
  • Eat and feel bloated and never satisfied.
  • Weight gain even when you do not eat too much.
  • Tired and restless. Need more sleep. Non-refreshing sleep.
  • Reduced nutrient absorption. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
  • Trouble getting up in the morning.
  • Headaches. Sinus congestion.
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Flu-like symptoms – aches and pains all over.
  • Breathing problems.

People typically experience some but not all of the above low BERC energy stress indicators.

Background to color indicators key:

A color coding scheme was devised to make it easier to quickly see which are good and bad BERC energy safe items.


8.0-10.0   = Top rated items. Safe for all with no problems.


7.0 - 7.5   = Still safe for most people with just minor cautions.


6.0 - 6.5   = Some caution is needed for these items. Clean people will notice no   stress. Sensitive people may notice   some stress.


5.0 - 5.5   = Sensitive people stay away from as much as possible. Stress will be high if exposure and   consumption is high. Clean people may   not notice much stress.


4.5 and   below = Caution is needed for all people.   Sensitive people will be stressed a lot based on extent and quantity   of exposure. Clean people will be stressed but may not notice it much for a   while.


What makes items test lower?

For food items there are a number of reasons why things test lower.

  • They contain naturally occurring toxins, poisons or anti-nutrients. Many are hidden or you do not know about them. Even nutritionists tend to look only at the good nutrients in an item and overlook the many toxins or anti-nutrients found in some recommended foods. These toxins ruin the compatibility and nutrient absorption of the food item and make it not work well for the whole body no matter how many good nutrients are in the food. Even professionals may not know about all of these toxins and anti-nutrients, but the BERC system does not care about the names of the toxins. If the item tests poorly, that is a strong indicator that some toxins or anti-nutrients exist non matter what they are or where they came from.
  • They contain man-made preservatives, herbicides, chemicals, or other bad additives. Some are really bad and can lower a rating significantly. These operate just like the naturally occurring toxins in disrupting the body. Some may be on the product label but many are not and still exist due to processing and storage procedures. Laws do not require all chemicals or bad ingredients be listed on the package label. Again a BERC test does not need to read the label, the simple muscle strength test will tell you if it is bad for you.
  • They do not digest well in the form tested.  Some food does not contain natural enzymes to make it digestible or it may have a hard case or shell.
  • The natural food enzymes were killed by heating or the chemical nature of the food was changed by heating.    
  • Nutrients may seem healthy but contain things that may stress the internal organs and body functions like the kidneys, liver, colon, heart, and many others.
  • Artificial processing techniques, refining products and removing some good parts. Whole foods and supplements almost always test better then extractions. This is especially noteworthy for supplements as many herbal extractions/concentrations often test worse then the whole natural herb. The body energy field can tell that parts are missing and make the product not as compatible overall.
  • Mixtures with a lot of ingredients often test worse than a few good ingredients. It only takes 1 or 2 bad items in the mixture to make the whole mixture bad. This is why most multi-vitamins, mega-green food mixtures and other mega-supplement mixtures usually do not test well. It is always better to      use just a few good items or the mixtures can get ruined. For example many health food stores sell many varieties of mega green mixtures saying they contain it all. I have never found one of these that really works well and tests well for people. They all contain bad items in them or they were dried with high heat or processed with chemicals. I only recommend barley grass or spirulina single ingredient type greens in non heat processed and non chemically treated forms. Nobody out there is testing each ingredient for energy safety and compatibility before they put them all in the supplement or food mixture. The probability of placing one or more bad items in the batch is very high. Fewer ingredients are usually better than more ingredients. You do not solve all health problems by placing every chemical nutrient in the pot.

 It is impossible to know everything about all foods so energy testing makes it all very simple. The end result is that the simple BERC (muscle strength) energy safety testing does not need to know any of the above. If it tests poorly, then some of the above must be true. The product is not healthy for your energy field health, your overall health, and it may not work really well for you. You will likely be wasting your money on the food or supplement.


How does the BERC Energy Safety Rating Affect You Personally?

People can be categorized by their amount of sensitivity to foods and other things. People can range from very clean and not sensitive to very sensitive. Medicines, drugs, supplements, and food with bad BERC ratings can cause significant stress for the sensitive person. These people may end up in bed from bad BERC reactions. Energy stress is cumulative and pretty soon even clean not sensitive people may notice they have less energy and zip than they used to. They blame it on aging and other things but that is not usually the case. They made bad energy compatibility choices and they did not even know it. The amount of bad energy reaction depends on the quantity and frequency of exposure to the bad BERC energy items and the overall current health of the person.

Check the items below to get an idea if you are a sensitive person.

How do you know if you are sensitive?

  • Are you sensitive to foods, chemicals, odors, drugs, and mold?
  • Do you have some significant degenerative health condition(s)?
  • Do you have allergies and/or asthma?
  • Do you have significant infections, infestations or toxin levels?
  • Do you get sick easily?
  • Do you have damaged or plugged liver and/or kidneys?
  • Do you have poor colon health, constipation, IBS?
  • Do you have good skin health and regularly sweat?

If you are a sensitive person, it is critical that you only consume white BERC (8.0-10.0) or gray BERC (7.0-7.5) food items as much as possible. If a sensitive person consumes many orange BERC (5.0-5.5) or red BERC (4.5 and below), they will almost certainly feel bad in a number of ways – tingling, low energy, headaches, body aches, tired, breathing problems, and many other reactions. (Check the energy stress indicators list above.) They may feel so bad that they want to stay in bed all day.

If these reactions happen to you, try to figure out what you ate or took that caused you to feel bad and do not eat it or take again. Write it down in your bad items log book. Bad energy reactions will usually pass in a few hours to a day unless you keep reinforcing it with more bad BERC items. If you have a bad BERC energy reaction, play it safe and keep your diet and supplements simple with just those things that you know work well for you. Fasting for a half day or so can help to clear the body of bad energy reactions because the digestive system is no longer bombarded with more bad BERC items to process and neutralize.

If you are a sensitive person, stay away from any low rated BERC items as much as possible. You will feel much better and the body can concentrate on healing your other health problems instead of fighting the bad effects of the food you ate or other bad items in your environment.


Does a low BERC rating mean it won’t work for me?

Just because a food, drug, or supplement has a low BERC energy safety rating does not mean it will not work at all for you. Many low BERC rated items do work to achieve their chemical and biological purposes. Many people unknowing exist every day on mostly low BERC rated items. They still get along fine or do they? Consuming the low BERC items will cause an energy stress to their body that can accumulate over time and depress their energy states. This can lead to more pronounced side effects especially if these low BERC items are consumed regularly and in quantity. By selecting the nutrients and chemicals you need that also have a high BERC rating, you can minimize your side effects and increase your energy level. Always pick the items with the highest BERC ratings that satisfy your chemical and biological needs. A chart is presented below of examples of a lower BERC item that can be replaced with a higher BERC item to achieve similar chemical and biological effects.


Lower BERC rated items (with BERC ratings)

Substitute higher   BERC items with similar effects (with BERC ratings)

Vitamin C as ascorbic acid (5.5)

Ester-C (8.0)

Alpha Lipoic Acid (5.5)

R-Fraction Lipoic Acid (9.0)

Pasteurized, homogenized skim milk (3.5)

Soy milk (4.0)

Pasteurized, homogenized 2% milk (4.0)

Non-homogenized whole milk (7.0)

Goats milk (7.0)

Raw cow or goats milk (10.0)

Milk chocolate (4.5)

60% dark chocolate (7.5)

70% dark chocolate (8.0)

French fries (6.0)

Baked potato (9.0)

Yeasted white bread (4.0)

Yeasted whole wheat bread (4.5)

Yeast free wheat bread (7.5)

Yeast free spelt bread (9.0)

Calcium carbonate (5.0)

Calcium citrate (6.5)

Calcium orotate (9.5)

Ibuprofen (4.0)

Tylenol (3.5)

Aspirin (6.5)

Traumeel (homeopathic) (9.5)

Cashews (5.0)

Peanuts (5.5)

Pistachio nuts (4.5)

Almonds (9.0)

Sunflower seeds (9.0)

Walnuts (9.0)

Soybeans (4.0)

Green beans (9.0)

Tofu (4.5), Soy Burger (5.0)

Beef (9.0), Fish (9.0)

Log Cabin maple syrup (4.5)

100% real maple syrup (8.5)

Margarine (4.5)

Butter (9.0)

Peanut butter (5.5)

Almond butter (9.0)

Antibiotics   (1.5-3.5)

Raw garlic (9.0), chlorine dioxide solution (9.0)

Chlorella   (5.0)

Spirulina (9.5)

Artichokes herbal extract (5.0)

Milk Thistle extract (9.0)

L-Lysine (5.5)

Red marine algae (9.0)

MSG (2.0)

Celtic sea salt (10.0)

Soda pop (5.0)

Tap water (6.0-6.5)

Mineral water (8.0)

Artesian well water (9.0)

Fiji water (9.5)

Sugared fruit juices (5.5)

100% fruit juices (8.0)

Organic apple cider (9.5)

Coffee with cream and sugar (5.0)

Fancy cream and sugar coffee drinks (4.5)

Coffee black (7.5)

Strawberries (6.5)

Blueberries (9.0)

Raspberries (9.5)

Fresh Spinach (6.0)

Canned Spinach (5.5)

Leaf lettuce (8.5)

Romaine lettuce (8.0)

Ketchup (4.5)

Mustard (8.0)

Ham (6.5)

Roast Beef (9.0)

Pretzels (5.0)

Ruffles potato chips (7.5)

Skittles (4.5)

Raisins (10.0)

Baked beans (5.5)

Mustard potato salad (8.5)

Sweet pickles (6.5)

Kosher dill pickles (8.5)

Sugared breakfast cereals (5.0)

Oat bran with 100% maple syrup (8.0)


Can You Reduce Your Sensitivity to Items?

Yes, it is possible to reduce your sensitivity to all things by going through various purification and balancing processes as mentioned on the site. As you purify and cleanse the body, your energy field will strengthen and you will be less sensitive to lower BERC rated items. This does not mean you should eat lower BERC rated items. It just means that your negative reactions will be less. The main goal of the site is to teach and educate you in ways to purify and balance your body to achieve a stronger health and wellness. The body can heal many bad diseases and conditions if you give it a good cleansing, purification and balancing.

The new BERC energy safety rating system should help you achieve better energy health and wellness.

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