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Does a low BERC rating mean it won’t work for me?

Just because a food, drug, or supplement has a low BERC energy safety rating does not mean it will not work at all for you. Many low BERC rated items do work to achieve their chemical and biological purposes. Many people unknowing exist every day on mostly low BERC rated items. They still get along fine or do they? Consuming the low BERC items will cause an energy stress to their body that can accumulate over time and depress their energy states. This can lead to more pronounced side effects especially if these low BERC items are consumed regularly and in quantity. By selecting the nutrients and chemicals you need that also have a high BERC rating, you can minimize your side effects and increase your energy level. Always pick the items with the highest BERC ratings that satisfy your chemical and biological needs. A chart is presented below of examples of a lower BERC item that can be replaced with a higher BERC item to achieve similar chemical and biological effects.


Lower BERC rated items (with BERC ratings)

Substitute higher   BERC items with similar effects (with BERC ratings)

Vitamin C as ascorbic acid (5.5)

Ester-C (8.0)

Alpha Lipoic Acid (5.5)

R-Fraction Lipoic Acid (9.0)

Pasteurized, homogenized skim milk (3.5)

Soy milk (4.0)

Pasteurized, homogenized 2% milk (4.0)

Non-homogenized whole milk (7.0)

Goats milk (7.0)

Raw cow or goats milk (10.0)

Milk chocolate (4.5)

60% dark chocolate (7.5)

70% dark chocolate (8.0)

French fries (6.0)

Baked potato (9.0)

Yeasted white bread (4.0)

Yeasted whole wheat bread (4.5)

Yeast free wheat bread (7.5)

Yeast free spelt bread (9.0)

Calcium carbonate (5.0)

Calcium citrate (6.5)

Calcium orotate (9.5)

Ibuprofen (4.0)

Tylenol (3.5)

Aspirin (6.5)

Traumeel (homeopathic) (9.5)

Cashews (5.0)

Peanuts (5.5)

Pistachio nuts (4.5)

Almonds (9.0)

Sunflower seeds (9.0)

Walnuts (9.0)

Soybeans (4.0)

Green beans (9.0)

Tofu (4.5), Soy Burger (5.0)

Beef (9.0), Fish (9.0)

Log Cabin maple syrup (4.5)

100% real maple syrup (8.5)

Margarine (4.5)

Butter (9.0)

Peanut butter (5.5)

Almond butter (9.0)

Antibiotics   (1.5-3.5)

Raw garlic (9.0), chlorine dioxide solution (9.0)

Chlorella   (5.0)

Spirulina (9.5)

Artichokes herbal extract (5.0)

Milk Thistle extract (9.0)

L-Lysine (5.5)

Red marine algae (9.0)

MSG (2.0)

Celtic sea salt (10.0)

Soda pop (5.0)

Tap water (6.0-6.5)

Mineral water (8.0)

Artesian well water (9.0)

Fiji water (9.5)

Sugared fruit juices (5.5)

100% fruit juices (8.0)

Organic apple cider (9.5)

Coffee with cream and sugar (5.0)

Fancy cream and sugar coffee drinks (4.5)

Coffee black (7.5)

Strawberries (6.5)

Blueberries (9.0)

Raspberries (9.5)

Fresh Spinach (6.0)

Canned Spinach (5.5)

Leaf lettuce (8.5)

Romaine lettuce (8.0)

Ketchup (4.5)

Mustard (8.0)

Ham (6.5)

Roast Beef (9.0)

Pretzels (5.0)

Ruffles potato chips (7.5)

Skittles (4.5)

Raisins (10.0)

Baked beans (5.5)

Mustard potato salad (8.5)

Sweet pickles (6.5)

Kosher dill pickles (8.5)

Sugared breakfast cereals (5.0)

Oat bran with 100% maple syrup (8.0)


Can You Reduce Your Sensitivity to Items?

Yes, it is possible to reduce your sensitivity to all things by going through various purification and balancing processes as mentioned on the site. As you purify and cleanse the body, your energy field will strengthen and you will be less sensitive to lower BERC rated items. This does not mean you should eat lower BERC rated items. It just means that your negative reactions will be less. The main goal of the site is to teach and educate you in ways to purify and balance your body to achieve a stronger health and wellness. The body can heal many bad diseases and conditions if you give it a good cleansing, purification and balancing.

The new BERC energy safety rating system should help you achieve better energy health and wellness.

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