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How does the BERC Energy Safety Rating Affect You Personally?

People can be categorized by their amount of sensitivity to foods and other things. People can range from very clean and not sensitive to very sensitive. Medicines, drugs, supplements, and food with bad BERC ratings can cause significant stress for the sensitive person. These people may end up in bed from bad BERC reactions. Energy stress is cumulative and pretty soon even clean not sensitive people may notice they have less energy and zip than they used to. They blame it on aging and other things but that is not usually the case. They made bad energy compatibility choices and they did not even know it. The amount of bad energy reaction depends on the quantity and frequency of exposure to the bad BERC energy items and the overall current health of the person.

Check the items below to get an idea if you are a sensitive person.

How do you know if you are sensitive?

  • Are you sensitive to foods, chemicals, odors, drugs, and mold?
  • Do you have some significant degenerative health condition(s)?
  • Do you have allergies and/or asthma?
  • Do you have significant infections, infestations or toxin levels?
  • Do you get sick easily?
  • Do you have damaged or plugged liver and/or kidneys?
  • Do you have poor colon health, constipation, IBS?
  • Do you have good skin health and regularly sweat?

If you are a sensitive person, it is critical that you only consume white BERC (8.0-10.0) or gray BERC (7.0-7.5) food items as much as possible. If a sensitive person consumes many orange BERC (5.0-5.5) or red BERC (4.5 and below), they will almost certainly feel bad in a number of ways – tingling, low energy, headaches, body aches, tired, breathing problems, and many other reactions. (Check the energy stress indicators list above.) They may feel so bad that they want to stay in bed all day.

If these reactions happen to you, try to figure out what you ate or took that caused you to feel bad and do not eat it or take again. Write it down in your bad items log book. Bad energy reactions will usually pass in a few hours to a day unless you keep reinforcing it with more bad BERC items. If you have a bad BERC energy reaction, play it safe and keep your diet and supplements simple with just those things that you know work well for you. Fasting for a half day or so can help to clear the body of bad energy reactions because the digestive system is no longer bombarded with more bad BERC items to process and neutralize.

If you are a sensitive person, stay away from any low rated BERC items as much as possible. You will feel much better and the body can concentrate on healing your other health problems instead of fighting the bad effects of the food you ate or other bad items in your environment.


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