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How to Interpret the BERC Energy Safety Rating Numbers?

BERC Energy Safety (Bio-Energy Resonance Compatibility) Rating

All items are rated on a scale of 1-10 with 10 be the highest and safest BERC rating. Energy medicine fields say that items react in the body based on their energy signatures. Incompatibilities cause stress to the body and cause the item to not work for you. Some possible energy stress indications are the following:

  • Slight muscle weakness or muscles feel heavy. Should feel light and crisp.
  • Tingling sensation throughout the body or parts of the body. Many do not notice this because their bodies are tingling all the time from low BERC items.
  • Skin flushing soon after ingesting the food, drug, or supplement.
  • Heart rate accelerates.
  • Energy low. Feel “blah or flat” not sharp, crisp and bouncy.
  • Digestive stress - gas, diarrhea, constipation, nausea.
  • Eat and feel bloated and never satisfied.
  • Weight gain even when you do not eat too much.
  • Tired and restless. Need more sleep. Non-refreshing sleep.
  • Reduced nutrient absorption. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
  • Trouble getting up in the morning.
  • Headaches. Sinus congestion.
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Flu-like symptoms – aches and pains all over.
  • Breathing problems.

People typically experience some but not all of the above low BERC energy stress indicators.

Background to color indicators key:

A color coding scheme was devised to make it easier to quickly see which are good and bad BERC energy safe items.


8.0-10.0   = Top rated items. Safe for all with no problems.


7.0 - 7.5   = Still safe for most people with just minor cautions.


6.0 - 6.5   = Some caution is needed for these items. Clean people will notice no   stress. Sensitive people may notice   some stress.


5.0 - 5.5   = Sensitive people stay away from as much as possible. Stress will be high if exposure and   consumption is high. Clean people may   not notice much stress.


4.5 and   below = Caution is needed for all people.   Sensitive people will be stressed a lot based on extent and quantity   of exposure. Clean people will be stressed but may not notice it much for a   while.


What makes items test lower?

For food items there are a number of reasons why things test lower.

  • They contain naturally occurring toxins, poisons or anti-nutrients. Many are hidden or you do not know about them. Even nutritionists tend to look only at the good nutrients in an item and overlook the many toxins or anti-nutrients found in some recommended foods. These toxins ruin the compatibility and nutrient absorption of the food item and make it not work well for the whole body no matter how many good nutrients are in the food. Even professionals may not know about all of these toxins and anti-nutrients, but the BERC system does not care about the names of the toxins. If the item tests poorly, that is a strong indicator that some toxins or anti-nutrients exist non matter what they are or where they came from.
  • They contain man-made preservatives, herbicides, chemicals, or other bad additives. Some are really bad and can lower a rating significantly. These operate just like the naturally occurring toxins in disrupting the body. Some may be on the product label but many are not and still exist due to processing and storage procedures. Laws do not require all chemicals or bad ingredients be listed on the package label. Again a BERC test does not need to read the label, the simple muscle strength test will tell you if it is bad for you.
  • They do not digest well in the form tested.  Some food does not contain natural enzymes to make it digestible or it may have a hard case or shell.
  • The natural food enzymes were killed by heating or the chemical nature of the food was changed by heating.    
  • Nutrients may seem healthy but contain things that may stress the internal organs and body functions like the kidneys, liver, colon, heart, and many others.
  • Artificial processing techniques, refining products and removing some good parts. Whole foods and supplements almost always test better then extractions. This is especially noteworthy for supplements as many herbal extractions/concentrations often test worse then the whole natural herb. The body energy field can tell that parts are missing and make the product not as compatible overall.
  • Mixtures with a lot of ingredients often test worse than a few good ingredients. It only takes 1 or 2 bad items in the mixture to make the whole mixture bad. This is why most multi-vitamins, mega-green food mixtures and other mega-supplement mixtures usually do not test well. It is always better to      use just a few good items or the mixtures can get ruined. For example many health food stores sell many varieties of mega green mixtures saying they contain it all. I have never found one of these that really works well and tests well for people. They all contain bad items in them or they were dried with high heat or processed with chemicals. I only recommend barley grass or spirulina single ingredient type greens in non heat processed and non chemically treated forms. Nobody out there is testing each ingredient for energy safety and compatibility before they put them all in the supplement or food mixture. The probability of placing one or more bad items in the batch is very high. Fewer ingredients are usually better than more ingredients. You do not solve all health problems by placing every chemical nutrient in the pot.

 It is impossible to know everything about all foods so energy testing makes it all very simple. The end result is that the simple BERC (muscle strength) energy safety testing does not need to know any of the above. If it tests poorly, then some of the above must be true. The product is not healthy for your energy field health, your overall health, and it may not work really well for you. You will likely be wasting your money on the food or supplement.


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