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BERC (Bio-Energy Resonance Compatible) Diet

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The BERC (Bio-Energy Resonance Compatible) Diet

The BERC diet is based on the principle of eating foods with a high BERC energy safety and compatibility rating. This ensures that energy stress is minimized and digestive stress is minimized. This diet is highly recommended for anybody who is sensitive but it will optimize health for all people. All people will experience more energy and vitality with this diet. It also works well for athletes and active people.

How do you know if you are sensitive?

BERC Diet Food Categories.

The BERC diet is similar to the Paleolithic diet extended to include some modern foods. The Paleolithic diet is very energy compatible since it was genetically derived from many years of human evolution.

Classic Paleolithic food categories – all BERC OK:

BERC OK Extensions to classic Paleolithic diet:

Commonly eaten items that are NOT on the Paleolithic diet: